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The Lead Solution That Kicks Ass!

Hell yes we provide Leads for Any Industry and Any Business.

It doesn’t matter your industry, what you are selling or offering, or what your product is, our lead solution provides you with YOUR lead. We are talking your lead when they are searching online, your lead when they are visiting a geo-targeted location, your lead when they visit your websites. When we say it, we mean it! 

Our Proprietary Lead Solutions are Different and Will Ensure You Kick ASS

We don’t just talk about it we actually help you like, really acquire customers.


This number is supposed to be low and we are bragging. This is our customers leads email bounce rate.


Boom, another low number, this is our customers average unsubscribe rate.


Number is getting larger as it should. This is our customers email open rate - hell ya.


That's right, we will 100% make sure you won't lose.

Introducing Our Kick-Ass Products

Believe us, our leads are your leads


Website Visit Reveal

This is our no-brainer lead solution. If you have a site, you must have this feeding you leads on the daily. Up to 97% of your website traffic bounces without identifying who actually visited. Our proprietary solution identifies and matches your bounced website visitors into high-quality leads.
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Search Click Reveal

This solution is like cutting to the front of the line. SEO – not needed and doesn’t work anyway.
Paid search or social, sure, you can do it, but, this product skips all that and delivers your customer lead to you anyway. Our proprietary solution identifies and matches people who perform anonymous searches of keywords, phrases, and competitors names into high-quality leads for your marketing campaigns
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Geo Target Reveal

Geo targeting is where it’s at…or, it’s where your customers are. We think you get the drift here. Target your competitors so you can get your customers. We do this everywhere and anywhere. Our proprietary solution matches anonymous competitor visitors into high-quality leads that you can then begin marketing to
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A Solution For All Your Needs

Lead Generation

I mean, we aren’t assuming anything because we know what happens when you assume… but, if we had to guess, you need leads, you need customers, and you would definitely like to make some more cold hard cash. We have the solution.

Email & SMS Marketing

This right here is all about saying the right thing at the right time, to the right person. Look, if you are not in front of your customer, somebody else is, which, makes them not YOUR customer. We think we are pretty damn amazing at crafting the message that YOUR customer wants to see, read, and hear. From there, you will see and hear from them, YOUR customer.

Lead Engagement

Let’s face it, even if you had all the leads you can handle, do you have the proper marketing system to engage with all of those leads and actually turn them into customers? No fancy terms here, it’s really just all about a properly established and executed marketing automation system. You need it, we can do it.

Funnel Automation

This sounds a lot fancier and more difficult and confusing than it actually is. Your leads basically go through a marketing funnel with very specific messaging and calls to action. This in turn results in the leads coming out of the funnels your customers and cold hard cash going into your bank account. We can help with this – we got you.

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on google and social media advertising only to have up to 99% of your traffic bounce without converting?

we can identify up to 70% of your website's traffic and send you the leads in real time.

Modern Teams MCLG

We focus on quality so you don’t have to. MCLG has built world-class tools and quality assurance processes, to deliver the best results for each call.