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Geo Target Reveal

Geo targeting is where it’s at…or, it’s where your customers are. We think you get the drift here. Target your competitors so you can get your customers.


This isn’t the same-o, boring retargeting play that everyone and their grandma has tried. Let’s talk about a customer that goes to your competitor - with geo-targeting, the lead goes to you too.


Lead comes to you via Zapier. Either to a spreadsheet or directly into your funnel / CRM system. You get the name, email, phone number, and physical address. We did our part, you do the rest


This is where the magic happens. We get you the lead. You dump it into your funnel and then leads become customers. Don’t forget, the leads we are providing are golden. You wanted them, we provided them, and now they are in your funnel. Make it happen.


This should be an easy one. Tell us who your competitors are and where they are. Hell, tell us anywhere to target and we will. We got you!


We watch anyone and everyone that you ask us too. We snag their visitor information and then boom, next day, information is sent to you.

Getting Started is As Easy As...

Tell us who, what, where to geo-fence. We do some research for exact locations start monitoring visitors
We match visitor traffic mobile devices with our database of over 750m US-based email addresses

 When there is a match, we send the lead to you and you start marketing to them