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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is 100% legal. Every lead that we give to you has accepted to receive third-party offers. If there is ever an issue with anyone regarding a serious spam complaint, we have the following information when they opted into receiving third-party offers:
  • Their IP address
  • URL of where they opted into receiving offers
  • Time and date stamp
Yes, you should include this paragraph in your privacy policy. We are not lawyers, so please make sure to run this by your lawyers before publishing.
Upon accessing our site, signing in, registering, or viewing an email, our digital data collaborators or suppliers might utilize cookies, advertising beacons, and comparable tools to link these actions with data they or other parties possess about you, such as your email address. We (or third-party providers working for us) may subsequently deliver messages and promotional content to these email addresses. You have the option to unsubscribe from such advertisements by visiting, or if you receive an email, an unsubscribe link will be provided.
We charge a small setup fee for our different services, plus a monthly subscription for a set number of leads. Please schedule a meeting with us to go over the details

If you were to go over the monthly quote of leads, we would then bill you per lead depending on what plan you are on.

Yes, you are able to set a limit on the number of leads you would like to receive every month so that you do not go over your allotted amount.

For every campaign that we set up for you (WebsiteReveal Social, SearchReveal, and others), you will receive access to a shared Google Sheet.
The leads will be deposited into your sheet in real-time. We recommend using Zapier to grab the data from the sheet and send it instantly to your CRM so that you can start a drip campaign immediately.
If you send out an email to someone who has just visited your website, with an easy way to unsubscribe, and some sort of hook and offerthat has meaning, we have found that spam complaints are virtually zero.
However, if you want days or weeks to send the emails out, people forget that they visited your website, and you will have an increase in the potential spam complaints you receive.
So be fast and offer value in your message.
While the messaging to your customers is up to you, we recommend a certain formula when you contact your leads for the first time. .
Subject: Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the site….
In the body of your email, you can either make it super personal and have it be a short message from the CEO welcoming them to the site and extending an offer, or you can jump right into a hook and offer (a discount code tends to do the trick!)
Once someone has opened and/or opened and clicked one of your emails, we recommended placing them in your regular email sequences.
If someone hasn’t opened or clicked by the third message, we recommend removing them from your systems.
We use multiple data providers and data enhancers to give you the best quality leads that we can.
For each type of data, the costs are different for us to acquire the data.