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Search Click Reveal

Your customers are searching online for your solution, product or services. Our proprietary solution Search Click Reveal allows us to identify who those users are, and deliver them to you, real time, primed and ready for you to drop into a drip marketing campaign. We lead them to you, you get them to drink!


This is where you skip to the front of the line. Give us search terms, phrases, keywords, we monitor those, and when they are searched, boom, you get the lead delivered to you. That’s right, no PPC, No SEO, nada. You want it, we deliver it.


Lead comes to you via Zapier. Either to a spreadsheet or directly into your funnel / CRM system. You get the name, email, phone number, and physical address. We did our part, you do the rest.


This is where the magic happens. We get you the lead. You dump it into your funnel and then leads become customers. Don’t forget, the leads we are providing are golden. You wanted them, we provided them, and now they are in your funnel. Make it happen.


Umm…this is the easy part. You gave us the terms and phrases you wanted. We deliver them to you. We can deliver them in separate batches based on the terms and phrases you want so that you can target them as you need.


How you ask? It’s our not so secret process. We track it, match it against our database, and then deliver it to you. Anything you want to get leads for, we can, will, and are already doing it.

Search Click Reveal Is Super Easy To Get Started, Let's Count the Ways

You tell us keywords, keyphrases, or competitors that you would like to get traffic from

We monitor those keywords and top competitors websites to match that search traffic to our database of over 750m US-bases email addresses

When there is a match, we send that lead to you real-time and then you drop that lead into your marketing system